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Neighborhood Watch videos

The Farmington Hills Neighborhood Watch video is available for view below. Please watch this video and become familiar with the content.

Home Safety Video Part 1 of 2

Home Safety Video Part 2 of 2

Landscape Design Principles for Crime Prevention

(this information provided by FHPD Crime Prevention Services)

Below are some guidelines and suggestions to consider when designing new landscapes or preparing maintenance plans:

  1. Avoid planting evergreen shrubs beneath windows and around entranceways.  If evergreen shrubs are present already, prune them at the bottom so that objects or people can be seen beneath and behind them.
  2. Keep shrubs pruned to no more than 4 1/2 feet in height around entranceways and windows, where possible.   Trim them up from the ground and keep them below window level.
  3. If shrubs are planted beneath windows, consider planting shrubs that are prickly or have thorns to discourage people from hiding behind them.
  4. Police officers in vehicles can patrol the City more efficiently if they can see into developments from the street. When designing landscapes in apartment or condominium complexes, consider the following:
  • Solid walls provide concealment.  Although they offer privacy, they also create a security risk.  Use walls cautiously.  A see-through fence (i.e. wrought iron with decorative brick pillars) can provide the separation desired without blocking important views.
  • Trim the bottom branches of evergreen trees around doorways, carports and between public thoroughfares and parking lots.
  • Carports provide good protection for cars.  They also provide a great place for people to hide.  If carports are part of a development, make sure the inside of the carport can be seen from the street.
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