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This FAQ is designed to explain the role of the Forest Park Homeowner’s Association and to outline some of the unique features of Forest Park.  We hope you find it informative and useful.  You need not own your home to be a member of the Association.  Renters are encouraged to join too!

Q:  If this is Forest Park, why does my deed call it Villa Capri?

A:  The legal name of the subdivision is Villa Capri, but from its inception it was referred to as Forest Park.  Even the builder referred to it as Forest Park when granting the pool and common area to the Homeowner’s Association in 1961.

Q:  Exactly what is the Home Owner’s Association?

A:  It is an incorporated, nonprofit organization.  Its role is to enforce all deed restrictions; own, operate and maintain all property granted to the Association; to make its view known on civic matters affecting the subdivision; to promote social and cultural activities for the members mutual benefit; and to carry on any other activities that shall enable the Association to accomplish these purposes.

Q:  What does the Annual Assessment cover?

A:  To be specific, our Association pays for the 5 streetlights within the subdivision and the 5 at the entrances to the subdivision; pays for the insurance and property taxes of the common area; organizes and helps fund the social events; publishes and distributes a quarterly newsletter called the Communicator; welcomes new neighbors into the subdivision; participates in the Neighborhood Watch program; maintains the entrance signs, and offers assistance to the best of their ability the residents of Forest Park.

Q:  Who runs the Association?

A:  You do!  Association members select the Board of Directors.  Any member of the Association can volunteer for any position on the Board or any committee post.  The Board of Directors is selected by a majority vote of the membership each fall.

Q:  What are the Board of Directors?

A:  The Board of Directors are a group of volunteers who help guide the activities of the Association.  Each position is considered a one-year commitment, although some Board Members choose to hold their position for several years.  The Board of Directors follows the Association Bylaws, available online here.

Q:  What is the Communicator?

A:  The Communicator is quarterly publication containing information about social events, neighborhood watch info, new neighbor announcements, financial reports, contact info, etc. You can find electronic copies of our Communicator here.

Q:  What events does the Association sponsor?

A:  While the events will sometimes vary from year to year, the current list includes the Easter Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Garage Sale, 4th of July Pancake Breakfast, Cookouts at the Commons, Block Party, Halloween Weenie Roast and hayride.

Q:  What is the pool all about?

A:  The Forest Park Homeowner’s Association owns and operates a swim club for the use of our Association Members.  An additional annual fee over and above the basic Association dues is required.  Several types of memberships are available.  The pool is open Memorial Day through Labor Day with certified lifeguards on duty, is heated, and offers a diving board, along with restrooms that include showers. nbsp; The pool is also for rent, and has a large tent available for social events.

Q:  What is the Neighborhood Watch?

A:  The Neighborhood Watch is a program of the Farmington Hills Police Department.  It is an effort to get citizens involved in crime prevention.  It is NOT a “citizen’s patrol”.  Our Neighborhood Watch Advisor attends monthly meetings at City Hall and keeps our neighborhood apprised of the information he receives, via the Communicator.  It also provides an avenue of communication with the Farmington Hills Police Department.  In order to maintain our membership in this program, 50% of our residents must participate by either attending a training session or watching an instructional video, and place a sticker on a front door or window.

Q:  What is the Common Area?

A:  The Common area is the area between the pool and Tredwell, part of which is enclosed by a fence and is where most social events are held.

Q:  Why does the Association pay for streetlights?

A:  The City requires us to pay for the 10 streetlights that are installed in and around our subdivision.  This amounts to over $1700.00 per year

Q:  Are Annual Assessments mandatory?

A:  Yes.

Q:  What can I do to help?

A: Join the pool and enjoy one of the best swim club values in the area. Attend the General Meetings and have your voice heard. Volunteer to help. A little bit of time and effort will help ensure a thriving, enjoyable community.

We are always seeking new faces, fresh ideas, and enthusiasm.  The Forest Park Homeowner’s Association fosters a close-knit, caring, thoughtful, safe, and enjoyable neighborhood!  Please do your part to help maintain our property values.

Welcome to Forest Park!


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